The pen's in my hand, ending unplanned...

Staring at the blank page before me...

Today I have rekindled my love for Unwritten by Nastasha Bedingfield and I cannot tell you how many times I have replayed this song! I can barely even get through this blog because typing something different than what I am singing is more difficult than it sounds. This has become a definite "pick me up" song, it sends such a wonderful message, and the lyrics just make me want to dance in the rain :)

Carpe Diem :)

The funny thing is, when I went back to replay this song on my iPod is, it just stopped. Right in the middle of the song! The second bridge:

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the dis- AND NOTHING ELSE PLAYED!

ARGHHHHH!!! I wanted to jam, but nooooo.. my iPod had other plans in mind..

Wait a minute.... how ironic!!! The fact that it randomly ended parallels the song kinda, right? Or it's a metaphor or something or maybe I'm just crazy but it kinda made me laugh. The rest of the song was unwritten, and maybe it's up to me to decide how it ends.. Subliminal messages are being sent thru the cords of my headphones ;)

I've decided I almost don't want the entire song on my iPod, it's like my own special version that speaks to me and I really like it. (I think I'm just inspired too easily) But anyways, I did want to finish listening to the song soo I went onto youtube to watch the music video and then more craziness began! As I was watching thinking, ooohh this is soo cool and inspirational, I came to the part of the song that stopped on my iPod and here is what's on the screen:

Now I'm really liking this :) I don't even understand where this part plays into the music video, but I'm gonna think what I want and say God sent me here to remind me not to worry about my future and allow my faith in him to guide me along my way :) And that's good enough for me. I can't explain how much that pertained to my day, but I definitely needed it. I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.


The Power of Oatmeal!

     Sooo, ever since my little battle with the sun this summer, I have discovered that oatmeal is not only one of my all time favorite breakfast meals, but a "new" all time favorite skin remedy. Not only did it help sooth and clear up my horrible rash, but it completely changed my skin! (No Quakers is not paying me to say this nor do they even know I exist) I kid you not, I used to have this rash on the back of my leg for years, and BAM gone in a week. My dry, excema prone skin? HYDRATED! The nasty skin on the back of my elbows that looks like the corpse of a homeless man you ask?? Let's just say, that homeless man was brought back to life. All from the power of oatmeal!!!!!! But forreal, I feel so soft and snuggly and not so crispy and flakey when i get out of the shower!

     After my true amazement with using oatmeal soap, I began to further my love with expanding the oatmeal to my facial region! loooool. And so I googled it, and apparently, I'm not the only one who has thought of this before. Sooo, I next began my experiment of taking a handful of whole, rolled oats and using them to massage into my face in the morning.. And my skin has calmed down a great deal! I never had too much of a problem with breakouts, but lately for some reason, my face was unhappy. I had dry, flakey patches  in one spot and clusters of blemishes that never would surface in another (ARGHGHGHGGGHHH!) The oatmeal didn't necessarily clear my skin, but it sure calmed it and made it feel very smooth. It didn't look as irritated because oatmeal is very gentle and overall, I think I'm going to continue using this method because not only is it a very cheap solution, but I can always make myself a bowl when I'm done ;)

    One catch, unfortunately. The drain isn't as appreciative of the oatmeal as my skin is, and it will clog very easily, and if you choose to ignore it (like me) you will get a lot of mold and you will have to call your mom to come clean out your tub because only moms can bare that smell.... WHOOPSIES!


Things That Make Me Want To Ring Necks

1.) Drama queens. Everything always has to be a big ordeal for no reason. Daily life routines are blown completely out of proportion and frankly, you are a pain to my head to be around.

2.) My mother. (See #1) So currently I'm in the midst of moving all my crap into my apartment and am working for 5 days straight. I don't know about everyone else, but that gives me little time to clean. Especially after I had to take everything out of my closet and drawers. Of course it's going to be all over my bedroom floor. But oh, then she had the nerve, the NERVE, to tell me that before I leave for school I need to have my room clean. Well no fucking shit. Do you think I'm just going to leave all my stuff here?!? I can't create time. Moving is a process. Sorry I'm trying to juggle a lot of things right now. It's not like running around on my feet for 8 hours straight at work (I get yelled at if I sit down... see #5) gives me the energy to come home and run around some more. Not to mention, I already have stress fractures. So next time you have the nerve to tell me "Oh by the way, you room needs to be cleaned", yes, oh yes I will flip a shit.

2.) Being ignored/walked away from in the middle of a conversation/arguement. It's like they finally realize that you're right and try to make it like they are just done and ending it. No bitch. You know you're wrong, just admit it and grow a pair.

3.) People who will do anything for attention. They will talk, or act weird, or make noise just to draw attention to themselves. Sometimes they don't even realize they do it because they are so pathetic. Like when someone says something louder so that a random person near us will hear it and laugh. I will slap you. Now look who's laughing.

4.) People who dislike me for no reason. That makes you look very ignorant. But, I guess you can't help that...

5.) People who always have a story to tell and never stop talking! ARGHHHH

6.) When people ask me how my day was, I say I had a test or work, and they say "That sucks." Those words... oh those two little words have sent me off the deep end. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT SUCKS??? You weren't there! Maybe I fucking aced that test! Bitch, I'm making money! You don't have any right to tell me what I do sucks. So, suck it.

7.) Mouth breathers. I'd rather you not be breathing at all.

8.) People who feel soo offfended by every little thing and feel the need to voice their opinions exaggerantly just because they are entitled to them. Okay, we understand you don't like tattoos because you're ignorant (see #4) but don't sit here and back what you are saying up as "right". Just shut up, and move on. It's gonna be okay, really. Or when someone cuts them off in traffic. Really, stop taking it so personally, STOP freaking out (see #1), and just drive the stinking car.

9.) Liars. Don't try to think your intelligence is greater than mine and you can fool me. Who do you think you are??! Don't make telling the truth harder than it needs to be. Children lie, not adults.

 TO BE CONTINUED ... for the rest of my life

Update with Moving!

     Rise and shine! Or should I say rise and carry? Moving is definitely not on my list of most fun or easy things to do, yet everytime I walk into my new apartment it all seems worth it :) Grandpa and grandma came up today in their big truck to help us lug over my huge dresser, futon, TV stand, TV, numerous suitcases, boxes, amoire, and bookcase. And let me just say, I never realized how heavy all my junk was! Thank God I didn't have to worry about my bed (Yay for ikea!) Anyways, after taking everything just down the flight of stairs in our home, I dreaded having to bring it all up to the fifth floor of my apartment. But little by little we did it, and everything is still in one piece! :) (I don't even wanna think about the day I move out) Atleast now I will be able to sleep better at night knowing all this is taken care of. All I have left to do is the small stuff and a desk.. whenever I find one. THEN, the long awaited feeling of living by myself in my own apartment will have arrived. The day I never thought would come! It's all so bittersweet... but there is no doubt I will miss my good ol Kentucky home.. and my baby puppies! Not the parents, just my dogs :P Speaking of, I still haven't decided on whether I'm going to get a cat or not. There's no where for him to go when I come home over the holidays and I couldn't leave him there OBVIOUSLY. But yeahhh, we will just have to wait and see. Grandma says they have kittens and I can have them all (oh dear) lol. I would definitely love the company of one, but I'm afraid I won't enjoy the work. I don't know though, isn't that face just a tease!!

     Well, I guess I'm headed off to work soon. Gotta feed all those psycho, firework campers, who think it's necessary to get there 48 hours before they start..


Random Update & The Lying Game!

(Btw when I googled "The Lying Game", pictures of people planking showed up.. haha get it?!? "Lying Game" hahaha)

Soo Im currently watching The Lying Game on the ABC family website and it's addicting! I need to go to bed, but this show is seriously gonna keep me up all night.. Guess this is what it's gonna be like when I officially have 250 channels in my appartment. I won't ever get anything finished! ..(as I go back now to finish watching the episode..) I never actaully been this into a drama show like this, and it can get pretty confusing considering I'm bad with names and the same girl is playing two different characters lol!

Besides that I'm not looking forward to waking up early tomorrow. Or moving a futon, dresser, TV, and TV stand to the 5th floor. That's going to be stressful. Then I have work tomorrow night, and yep you guessed it, allll day Sunday for the fireworks. Yay me! Not that I care so much about seeing the fireworks, as I do how busy the levee is gonna be. I'm going to be in a wheel chair by the time I'm 22. On a good note, I'm almost done there and can finally work on getting a real job hopefully in the Neuroscience department up at school. Anyways.. to watch the 3rd and final episode or not. I think so! :)

First Blog Post! :D

So I'm excited to give blogging a go :) I've wanted to for a while, but never got around to actually creating one, so here I am... wasting time when I could be doing a million other things. Anyways, I don't really have the intention of writing this for others to read. I'm hoping to create a time capsule that one day I can look back on and say "Ah I forgot about that!" or "Oh em gee, what was I thinking?!" Basically, I don't want to forget anything!