Update with Moving!

     Rise and shine! Or should I say rise and carry? Moving is definitely not on my list of most fun or easy things to do, yet everytime I walk into my new apartment it all seems worth it :) Grandpa and grandma came up today in their big truck to help us lug over my huge dresser, futon, TV stand, TV, numerous suitcases, boxes, amoire, and bookcase. And let me just say, I never realized how heavy all my junk was! Thank God I didn't have to worry about my bed (Yay for ikea!) Anyways, after taking everything just down the flight of stairs in our home, I dreaded having to bring it all up to the fifth floor of my apartment. But little by little we did it, and everything is still in one piece! :) (I don't even wanna think about the day I move out) Atleast now I will be able to sleep better at night knowing all this is taken care of. All I have left to do is the small stuff and a desk.. whenever I find one. THEN, the long awaited feeling of living by myself in my own apartment will have arrived. The day I never thought would come! It's all so bittersweet... but there is no doubt I will miss my good ol Kentucky home.. and my baby puppies! Not the parents, just my dogs :P Speaking of, I still haven't decided on whether I'm going to get a cat or not. There's no where for him to go when I come home over the holidays and I couldn't leave him there OBVIOUSLY. But yeahhh, we will just have to wait and see. Grandma says they have kittens and I can have them all (oh dear) lol. I would definitely love the company of one, but I'm afraid I won't enjoy the work. I don't know though, isn't that face just a tease!!

     Well, I guess I'm headed off to work soon. Gotta feed all those psycho, firework campers, who think it's necessary to get there 48 hours before they start..

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