Random Update & The Lying Game!

(Btw when I googled "The Lying Game", pictures of people planking showed up.. haha get it?!? "Lying Game" hahaha)

Soo Im currently watching The Lying Game on the ABC family website and it's addicting! I need to go to bed, but this show is seriously gonna keep me up all night.. Guess this is what it's gonna be like when I officially have 250 channels in my appartment. I won't ever get anything finished! ..(as I go back now to finish watching the episode..) I never actaully been this into a drama show like this, and it can get pretty confusing considering I'm bad with names and the same girl is playing two different characters lol!

Besides that I'm not looking forward to waking up early tomorrow. Or moving a futon, dresser, TV, and TV stand to the 5th floor. That's going to be stressful. Then I have work tomorrow night, and yep you guessed it, allll day Sunday for the fireworks. Yay me! Not that I care so much about seeing the fireworks, as I do how busy the levee is gonna be. I'm going to be in a wheel chair by the time I'm 22. On a good note, I'm almost done there and can finally work on getting a real job hopefully in the Neuroscience department up at school. Anyways.. to watch the 3rd and final episode or not. I think so! :)

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