Things That Make Me Want To Ring Necks

1.) Drama queens. Everything always has to be a big ordeal for no reason. Daily life routines are blown completely out of proportion and frankly, you are a pain to my head to be around.

2.) My mother. (See #1) So currently I'm in the midst of moving all my crap into my apartment and am working for 5 days straight. I don't know about everyone else, but that gives me little time to clean. Especially after I had to take everything out of my closet and drawers. Of course it's going to be all over my bedroom floor. But oh, then she had the nerve, the NERVE, to tell me that before I leave for school I need to have my room clean. Well no fucking shit. Do you think I'm just going to leave all my stuff here?!? I can't create time. Moving is a process. Sorry I'm trying to juggle a lot of things right now. It's not like running around on my feet for 8 hours straight at work (I get yelled at if I sit down... see #5) gives me the energy to come home and run around some more. Not to mention, I already have stress fractures. So next time you have the nerve to tell me "Oh by the way, you room needs to be cleaned", yes, oh yes I will flip a shit.

2.) Being ignored/walked away from in the middle of a conversation/arguement. It's like they finally realize that you're right and try to make it like they are just done and ending it. No bitch. You know you're wrong, just admit it and grow a pair.

3.) People who will do anything for attention. They will talk, or act weird, or make noise just to draw attention to themselves. Sometimes they don't even realize they do it because they are so pathetic. Like when someone says something louder so that a random person near us will hear it and laugh. I will slap you. Now look who's laughing.

4.) People who dislike me for no reason. That makes you look very ignorant. But, I guess you can't help that...

5.) People who always have a story to tell and never stop talking! ARGHHHH

6.) When people ask me how my day was, I say I had a test or work, and they say "That sucks." Those words... oh those two little words have sent me off the deep end. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT SUCKS??? You weren't there! Maybe I fucking aced that test! Bitch, I'm making money! You don't have any right to tell me what I do sucks. So, suck it.

7.) Mouth breathers. I'd rather you not be breathing at all.

8.) People who feel soo offfended by every little thing and feel the need to voice their opinions exaggerantly just because they are entitled to them. Okay, we understand you don't like tattoos because you're ignorant (see #4) but don't sit here and back what you are saying up as "right". Just shut up, and move on. It's gonna be okay, really. Or when someone cuts them off in traffic. Really, stop taking it so personally, STOP freaking out (see #1), and just drive the stinking car.

9.) Liars. Don't try to think your intelligence is greater than mine and you can fool me. Who do you think you are??! Don't make telling the truth harder than it needs to be. Children lie, not adults.

 TO BE CONTINUED ... for the rest of my life

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