The Power of Oatmeal!

     Sooo, ever since my little battle with the sun this summer, I have discovered that oatmeal is not only one of my all time favorite breakfast meals, but a "new" all time favorite skin remedy. Not only did it help sooth and clear up my horrible rash, but it completely changed my skin! (No Quakers is not paying me to say this nor do they even know I exist) I kid you not, I used to have this rash on the back of my leg for years, and BAM gone in a week. My dry, excema prone skin? HYDRATED! The nasty skin on the back of my elbows that looks like the corpse of a homeless man you ask?? Let's just say, that homeless man was brought back to life. All from the power of oatmeal!!!!!! But forreal, I feel so soft and snuggly and not so crispy and flakey when i get out of the shower!

     After my true amazement with using oatmeal soap, I began to further my love with expanding the oatmeal to my facial region! loooool. And so I googled it, and apparently, I'm not the only one who has thought of this before. Sooo, I next began my experiment of taking a handful of whole, rolled oats and using them to massage into my face in the morning.. And my skin has calmed down a great deal! I never had too much of a problem with breakouts, but lately for some reason, my face was unhappy. I had dry, flakey patches  in one spot and clusters of blemishes that never would surface in another (ARGHGHGHGGGHHH!) The oatmeal didn't necessarily clear my skin, but it sure calmed it and made it feel very smooth. It didn't look as irritated because oatmeal is very gentle and overall, I think I'm going to continue using this method because not only is it a very cheap solution, but I can always make myself a bowl when I'm done ;)

    One catch, unfortunately. The drain isn't as appreciative of the oatmeal as my skin is, and it will clog very easily, and if you choose to ignore it (like me) you will get a lot of mold and you will have to call your mom to come clean out your tub because only moms can bare that smell.... WHOOPSIES!

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